Icy Pretty Love

Icy Pretty Love - L.A. Rose
  Rae is a call girl, but not for long. After this final job she is going to take her riches, run away and start a new, better life for herself. She has received a mysterious phone call from a billionaire who asks her to pretend to be his son’s fiancé. What Rae did not expect is the nightmare of the man she will have work with. Cohen is not just irritable, he is insufferable and blatantly mean. Everything and everyone irritates him, and he has no qualms about expressing it. Now, she all she has to do is tolerate him for a couple of months, and her life will be changed forever.

I loved this book so much more than I thought I would, which is always such a treat! From Rose’s quirky characters to her interesting plot line, this book held my attention to the last page.

First of all, I love the characters in this book. They were refreshing, quirky and interesting. Rae is fun, bold, and absolutely loveable. Cohen, on the other hand, is persnickety, curt, mysterious and irresistible. Together these two are a union of chemistry, humor and witty banter. It was so refreshing to read a story, particularly a romance where it didn’t contain the same cookie cutter characters as all the novels preceding it.
Furthermore, the storyline itself had an interesting premise, especially about a life style many of us know nothing about. The way the characters develop throughout this novel was done well and not rushed. The novel was by no means fraught with insta-love, for which I was greatly thankful. I was interested the entire way through and loved every moment.

The writing in this book was well done. I was surprised slightly about the amount of adult language in this book; however, it wasn’t overbearing or gratuitous either. I thought the pacing in this novel was very well done, and even throughout the book. My biggest, and possibly my only complaint about this entire novel is that when the conflict reached its peak and Cohen’s big secret was finally revealed it was a bit anticlimactic. I was like, “oh, okay.” Instead of being like, “OMG!!! NO!!!” Despite this, it really didn’t distract any from how much I enjoyed the novel and how much I would adore a sequel.


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