Point of Retreat

Point of retreat - Colleen Hoover
  Point of Retreat is the sequel to Colleen Hoover’s Slammed. Now that Layken and Will can finally be together they have to figure out how to deal with the hands they’ve been dealt. The things that brought them together could be the things that tear them apart.

“Meh.” To me this book is “meh.” I do not hate this book,I love this book, nor do I really like it for that matter. This book did not leave any lasting impression whatsoever. It is so difficult to write a review on a book that did not move you in any one direction. I could go on for all day about a book that I hate and why I hate it. I could gush for hours, months even, about a book I love. However, a book that left me indifferent is quite the challenge. I read this book about two weeks ago and in that time I have been trying to decide how I would write this review and what I would say. I thought, “ Maybe I just won’t write a review”. In the end though, I decided if a book left me feeling this way that I should write about it.

So let us begin with the characters. To me, Kel, Caulder and Kirsten are this book’s saving grace. They literally made me laugh out loud (and get strange looks from my boyfriend). However, I was not happy about the route Hoover took with Will and Layken. First of all, Layken is raising her younger sibling yet, acts like a child this entire book. She throws temper tantrums like a spoiled, misbehaved child. Then Will acts as if that is a completely normal behavior for an adult. Despite the fact that Layken is 19 years old, she is still old enough to know better especially considering she is raising her young and impressionable younger brother. Also, the characters seemed to have made a drastic change from the first book. Will was a responsible man, who was concise in his decision making in Slammed. In Point of Retreat he is a controlling stalker who disconnects Laykens battery in her car so she would have to ride with him. Also, he also holds onto a gift from Layken’s dead mother in order to be able to see her. Who is this guy?

This book has too much nonsense going on. First, there is the saved virtue of the heroine that she will relinquish only after a year of them dating due to a request made by her now dead mother. Then we have the raising of children and trying to go to school. And of course what would a love story be without a vindictive ex-girlfriend bent on destruction. Then there is another conflict that I won’t discuss because it would be a spoiler. It’s simply too much going on. It makes the storyline muddled and unclear.

From the conflict to the resolution this book did not move me. The relationship between Layken and Will lacks any depth. They really don’t seem to have any chemistry and I didn’t feel like the love story was real. Furthermore, the characters have drastic personality changes from the first book. The story is overwhelming with side stories. I’m disappointed that bought the third book before I read this one, because I won’t be reading it. I give Point of Retreat 2 stars


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